Product development and product optimization

Apart from the production of cast parts and electromechanical components, our competent services also include product development and product optimization. We are happy to subject your product to a rigorous design review. We approach every new project in a systematic way, taking into account the existing materials as well as construction and production solutions. In cooperation with your experts, we can optimize your products regarding

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  • Production efficiency,
  • Productivity,
  • Cost reduction,
  • Improvement of functionality,
  • Molding process selection,
  • Material selection,
  • Options for surface refinement.
  • And other product characteristics.

How do we go about a product optimization?

Provided we are not yet familiar with your product, as a first we ask you introduce it to us. Following this, we create a 3D simulation model of your cast part and reproduce the currently used casting method as well as the mold partition. Based on this, we then optimize the cast part according to your ambitions and utilizing our longstanding experience. Depending on whether you would like to reduce the manufacturing costs or enhance the functionality of the component, the measure which will be undertaken to optimize the product is determined.

We create several 3D construction alternatives and discuss their advantages and disadvantages with your company’s experts. Once we have found the best solution for your cast part, we create an impression of your component which will be used for the future production of the optimized parts.

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